Nousletter #5: Romantic Individuality

November 21,  2014

Romantic Individuality


[The Nousletter letterhead features a detail of the Crab Nebula, M1, remnant of a supernova that occurred in 1054 AD. Photograph by Hugo PalomaresFull image.]

Hello Again to crew and passengers alike, and welcome to the Nousletter from, offering gnostic intel and Sophianic insight on events and issues of today. This is issue #5 presented by your friendly homegrown telestes, John Lash. The title is Romantic Individuality.

KWP — getting ready to launch.

Comedian Jim Carrey displays the lolling tongue with the Illuminati triangle:
How’s that for a mixed message?!!?

“As the mountebank delivered his harangue, the clown would repeatedly poke his head out from behind the curtain, making fun of everything his master said, parodying his patter and twisting the meaning of his words. The mountebank played the perfect straight man, meanwhile. Here he was, trying so hard to hawk his wares, and his own assistant was doing everything possible to undermine sales.

“The merriment was of course intentional. While the clown seemingly encouraged the public not to buy the proffered merchandise, the mountebank knew full well that the bystanders would easily be converted into customers as soon as they forgot that they were, in fact, supposed to be buying. Once the audience had been effectively hypnotized, once its judgment and willpower had been weakened, the real sales pitch could begin…” — J.H. Towsen, Clowns.

Cited by Michael A. Hoffman II – Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

Navigational parameters:
In completion with Visvamata (SCALES). Coming shift: sunset crescent in the SNAKETAMER, aligned to galactic center. The mysterious presence of Panacea.

Astrological Static

Oracle Report – obliged to comment.
Balsamic Moon Phase: field transformation
Moon in Scorpio
Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala (Goddess of Assurance)

Compare to PT intel:

The new moon occurs when the moon stands exactly between sun and earth, hence it cannot be observed. It has to move about 18-20 degrees off this alignment to be glimpsed in the evening sky as a thin crescent: the sunset crescent (fits the right hand with thumb and forefinger forming the shape). The moment of the new moon (also called, the lunation) marks the close or termination of the preceding dakini shift (also called, the lunation cycle or synodic cycle, a period of 29.53 days  — referring to the synod or meeting of sun and moon).

However, that exact moment of conclusion also marks the first moment of the new or coming shift. In PT, the shift identified with the new moon precedes that event. This year, the new moon of November 22 at 12:32 UT, falls in the ecliptic longitude of 240 : equivalent to 30 degrees of the starless sign Scorpio. The previous new moon of October fell in ECL 211 : equivalent to 1 degree of Scorpio. More on this point in a moment.

The location in the skies (non-observable) of the Nov 22 lunation is in the claws of the SCORPION, the actual real-sky constellation. The sunset crescent that appears at about 18-20 degrees of separation, around 40 hours later, advancing east (to the left), will be seen to stand in the SNAKETAMER, closely aligned to the galactic center. That sight is the omen determining the shift. Thus it would be anticipated as a shift of Panacea, (Parnavashari, the Leaf-Clad Lady in Tibetan Buddhism), the daimon-sky dakini associated with the SNAKETAMER.

Now consider these points of possible confusion:

1, Two lunations in the same ecliptic sign, Scorpio. This redundancy happens occasionally and has nothing to do with the constellational code of Planetary Tantra. It is for astrological use only.

2, The second lunation in the starless sign Scorpio happens to fall in the starry constellation of the SCORPION. This irregularity is due to the fact that the vacant grid of the starless signs (Aries-Taurus-Gemini etc) overlays the constellations associated with them by name: Scorpio – SCORPION.

3, As the lunations proceed they land at earlier locations in the starless sign:

starless sky ——— constellations

Nov 2014: 30 Scorpio – claws of SCORPION

Nov 2015: 20 Scorpio – fulcrum of SCALES

Oct 2016: 11 Scorpio – right pan of SCALES

Nov 2017: 21 Scorpio – fulcrum of SCALES

Nov 2018: 16 Scorpio – right pan of SCALES

The pattern is irregular, chaotic, a vivid example of complexity. Every so often, the lunar slot machine rings up a 1 degree lunation, followed by a 30 degree lunation. For example:

May 21, 2012 : new moon 1 Gemini
June 20, 2012 : new moon 30 Gemini

You will have to work the lunar slot machine a good many times to find an instance in the past when the 1 – 30 Scorpio event occurred, or in the future. Cosmic time is not linear although it does have some linear features.

The Demise of Feminism

Ban the word:
This video comes from thunderfoot, a MRM anti-feminist. Typical of the current blowback against feminism.

Example of absurdities of political correctness deriving from the cultural marxist agenda which holds feminism central:

This clip is from Ramzpaul, a political satirist, white nationalist, ant-feminist.

Origin of feminism: public relations management by Edward Bernays

Aaron Russo in conversation with Nick Rockefeller – origins of feminism

Men shunning marriage: Diana Davison

The Hero  – Chapter 4 PDF

Suggested reading:
Natural Supernaturalism by M. H. Abrams
The Romantic Conception of Life by Robert J. Richards
To avoid: Courtly Love – The Path of Sexual Initiation by Jean Markale
His Women of the Celts is essential reading, however.

Lilith by J. R Salamanca

Puilaurens: Cathar castle in southern France

A Pilgrim in Pays Cathar

Whose pale eyes aching blue
drink light from Cathar skies,
and wander at the brink of love
as by the ramparts steep and stark
a pilgrim stands defiantly above
this folly and this human fear –
Except the fear that love denies?

The ocean rushing with rough clouds
on Monsegur, at Puilaurens,
seems now to be no more immense
than your deep well of innocence
where loneliness remounts again

Even to test its own demise
against the grain, feeling declines
the azure welcome of those skies.

So aching blue, those lively eyes
look timidly upon the glass
where time reflects how days will pass:
how sweet the look, the smile, the kiss,
the simple pleasures that you miss
are missing you as well — so long
will sorrow raised to Cathar heights
ignite at dusk in starry lights.

No single kiss offered in faith
can be erased from here and now.

At rampart’s rim one broken vow
dislodges like a falling stone,
but nothing you can live alone
will undermine beauty’s commands.
This fortress stands on love alone
and holds the pilgrim near and dear.

October 27, 2009