Supporting John Lamb Lash

You will notice that donation buttons have been placed on and I realize that those who are ready, willing, and able to contribute in monetary terms to my ongoing work do not need persuasion or inducement to do so. Some of you have already contacted me, asking how to donate. Now there is an easy way via the Internet. Those who prefer to donate by check or wire transfer may request my USA address or banking information for transfers, by contacting me at Huge thanks to each and all of you.

Those of you who already wish to contribute need not read what is written here below, but you might want to do so anyway, if only to clarify your commitment to supporting the Maine Terton. To all of you, as well as those who may not yet have a clear and comprehensive picture of my work, and how I accomplish it, I offer a brief account of how I reached the decision to open the way for donations.

[IMPORTANT NOTICE:┬áPlease DO NOT use recurring donation option because, unfortunately, it doesn’t work.]

How to donate?

Oddly, I came to it by way of a paradox: As the material I present now receives escalating attention, I cannot meet the demands that come with that attention without turning away from what I must do to produce that material in the first place! Were I to give time and energy to networking, secretarial chores, organization of the treasures, etc., I would not be able to operate as a terton, the treasure-finder. As many of you know, the mark of JLL is originality. Producing original material requires that I live in a certain way, concentrating on activities that must be held in independence from mundane life and its never-ending stream of demands, both great and small. Donations facilitate the arrangements that allow me to maintain that independence. Even a modest contribution makes a large difference in how I manage the many and diverse responsibilities I am now facing.

Until Correction got underway, I managed (more or less!) to retain independence working in the Nagual, and still take care of business in the Tonal. With the boost of Planetary Tantra since Reset was completed, I can no longer perform “double duty” without the risk of wrecking my faculties. Hence my nervous exhaustion of late… Donations, as well as the skills and services contributed by those who come to assist me in person, allow me to continue as a terton must do, navigating the Supernatural, cultivating non-ordinary experience, and concentrating on the dynamics of Sophianic Dreaming, without getting wiped out by the demands of ordinary life. It’s as simple as that.

It doesn’t take much to give me the crucial latitude I need for my tertonic and telestic endeavours. You will be happy to know that, beyond that necessary relief, a good part of your contributions go toward getting out accomplished work and enabling the completion of work in progress.

To provide a fuller understanding of the projects and properties of my estate, explaining how collaboration may be realized on both non-profit and for-profit endeavors, I am preparing an itemized overview of Ambergane Trust — to be announced soon via the new mailing list (compiled and IT-enabled thanks to the gift of an anonymous donor!!).

glowing gratitude and a crooked grin to all,