Nousflash 003: The Atrocity of Islam is the Dealbreaker

January 27, 2015


I encourage everyone to stick to their continuing education on Islam. Watch the essential clips from Bill Warner on January 2015 is the moment in Correction when everyone starts talking about Islam in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. False flag? Hoax? Remember, Mephisto rules.

But you need to know what you are talking about. You individually need to prepare to confront Muslims one person at a time. Face on. The first question to ask is: Do the five pillars of Islam come from the Koran? Second question: Does observing the five pillars of Islam make you a Muslim true to the faith, or is more required? The third question to ask is: Can you be peaceful and show goodness toward the world without identification with Islamic beliefs?

Essential viewing:

1, The Muslim Agenda – Full Documentary

2, 20 Errors in an ABC Special on Islam:

3, Excellent documentary by Tom Holland on the origins of Islam, presenting evidence that it originated in the area of modern-day Israel, south of the Dead Sea.

Note that the first clip comes from an apologetic Christian, and the second is carried on a Christian messianic YT channel. Often Christians, who carry the first-stage infection of the Zaddikite Hebrews by proxy, are skilled at analysis and deconstruction of the salvationist belief-system common to the other two Abrahamic religions, while remaining blind to our own enmeshment in that system. I consider them as informers caught in their own game, who can be reliable nevertheless.

Several points in the commentary vividly demonstrate how Islam is the secondary form of the primary archontic infection. It is worth noting these points, one by one.

Summary of the Archontic infection, neural (primary) and by proxy (comparable to Munchausen syndrome by proxy), with chronology:

1800 BC Stage-one neural infection achieved by delivery of mucus in aphid milk, introduced through the ear canal by invisible mites (Acari insects). The mucus spreads to the right temporal lobe and hijacks the auditory complex. It disguises itself behind the neurotransmitter, L-Dopa. Zaddikite Jews have the “voice to skull” mechanism that causes them to receive direct aural broadcast of the archontic mind into the human mind. They have no inner voice of conscience. It has been supplanted by the archontic “voice of God” — tantamount to remote control by an off-planet “authority.” Zaddikites spread this ideology through messianic Judaism and simultaneously spread terrorism, as explained in Not in His Image. The ideological aspect of Judaism (Palestinian redeemer complex) is the outgrowth and expression of the neural infection. Stage one.

30 AD Stage-one infection begins to spread by proxy: salvationist Christianity introduced by the Apostle Paul. Converts to this belief-system do not have the neural infection themselves, but act as if they do. Hence, traditional Christians insist on the continuity of the Old and New Testaments, and they take the ancient Hebrews as the model of people obedient to God, etc.

650 AD Stage-two neural infection, the virus rebooted. Rise of Islam, and one century later, rise of Ashkenazi Judaism in Khazaria. In some manner yet to be determined, the archons achieve a second delivery of the neural  infection which now spreads to both temporal lobes, resulting in complete corruption of reasoning, loss of discrimination between contradictions, and failure of proof-by-evidence.

Note the rampant insanity of the hadiths, referenced in the documentary: The Muslim Agenda, 43:40. “If you wipe your ass with pebbles, you must do it an odd number of times.” And more gems, many more.

Bill Warner and others show that from 650 onward for 1300 years, Islamic jihad claimed 270 million victims, murdered because they did not submit. The assault begins to fade out in the 19th century…. and then…. a resurgence….

1850 on, stage-two infection by proxy spreads under the direction of the remnant of the stage-one vector group, the Jews: rise of world-wide communism. The murderous insanity of communism represents the proxy expression of stage-two infection. To make matters worse, it re-combines with the initial neural infection — hence, world-wide communism is led by Jews and financed by Jewish bankers.

By contrast, Islamic theocracy is even worse than communism. Far worse. Why? Because it is theocratic, whereas communism is merely a social takeover of wealth run by bankers. Islamic supremacy would be a horrific communistic state of tyranny under theocratic rule. Currently, Jews and Arabs who enact the infection, each in their own ways, are competing ferociously against each other to complete the archontic agenda. Thus they hate each other and want to destroy each other. as evidence in world events all over the place.

A NHC treatise, The Tripartite Tractate (if I recall correctly) warns about the division among the archons, by which they fall into two groups attempting to destroy humanity in two distinct ways and, in doing so, are pitted against each other.

1950 onward: stage-three infection (terminal) achieved through IT, television, and other devices, substituting the computer for human intelligence, and currently in full effect through touch-screen technology. Each time you touch a screen you surrender part of your bioelectrical force to the archontic matrix.

My comments:

Tom Holland documentary

m 1. God sent a prophet and an empire: foundation proposition for theocracy . As I explained in Not in His Image, the ancient Hebrews had a council of elders, no king. In the time of Samuel, they called for a king so that they could imitate and compete with neighboring theocracies in the Middle East: A Jewish King, p 60

“The monotheistic, male-only creator myth of the Old Testament has some precedents in Mesopotamia, the land from which Abraham migrated. In theocracy the political organization of society mirrored cosmic order. If there was one sole god in heaven, there must be a single, sovereign ruler on earth. This formula held true in far-distant China, Peru, and Polynesia, as much as it did in the Middle East. But theocracy assumed a peculiar and atrophied form—again, here is the anomia, the weird mutation—in the religious life of the ancient Hebrews. With the second component of the redeemer complex, the commission of the righteous few to fulfill the creator’s plan, there occurs a transition from myth to history, or pseudohistory, as recorded in the Old Testament, a priestly fiction unevenly loaded with some verifiable historical elements. The decisive event in the sacred history of the ancient Jews occurs in I Samuel:

Then all the elders of Israel gathered themselves together, and came to Samuel . . . , And said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations. (1 Sam. 8:4–5)

The key phrase here is “like all the nations.” Biblical historians locate the patriarch Samuel around 1100 B.C.E., about eight hundred years after Abraham. From the time of the first patriarch, the Israelite community had been ruled by a council of elders, called judges, who were closely advised, if not controlled, by a hereditary priesthood. This was a patriarchal society with a strong priestly element, but it was not a theocracy “like all the nations” in the ancient Near East. In the days of Samuel, faith in father god Jehovah was declining, but “all Israel, from Dan even to Beersheba, knew that Samuel was established to be a prophet of the Lord” (1 Sam. 3:18). As he approached death, the elders of the community, acting it seems out of spiritual insecurity, asked Samuel to establish a king for Israel comparable to the kings of neighboring nations. In this single, decisive event the institution of monarchy was adopted by the Hebrews. So extraordinary was this development that Mircea Eliade wrote:

The monarchy is interpreted as a new covenant between Yahweh and the dynasty of David, a continuation of the covenant of Sinai. It is in this valorization of a foreign institution as a new act of sacred history that we can appreciate the originality of the Israelite ideology of kingship.

Monarchy was, as Eliade stresses, a “foreign institution” for the Hebrews. Its adoption marks a crucial point of departure for that people, and, indeed, for humanity at large. The consequences of this “new act of sacred history” will be momentous, but slow to unfold. It will take another thousand years for “the originality of the Israelite ideology of kingship” to play out, mutate further, and finally come to expression in the Divine Redeemer of Christianity.”

– What happened then was that the hidden cult of Zadok (Zaddikite), directed by the eerie figure of Melchizedek (Prince of the Zaddik), slipped into the role of anointing the Jewish theocrat and became his handlers. There is a long progression of events here as the initial infection develops, but with Islam the infection reemerged, rebooted, full-grown from the first moment. There is no development from messiah to theocracy to empire. The intent from the outset is world domination by the archontic powers.

m 2:55: absence of historical evidence. In the second-stage neural infection the brain is so corrupted that it does not compute on evidence any more. Reasoning and the proof-by-evidence are not only lacking in Islam, they are condemned. In countless arguments on the internet you can see that Muslim clerics and apologists do not cite evidence, they even deny and disregard it. They cannot counter a reasonable question with a reasonable answer. They cannot say yes or no, for example, to the question: Does Islam punish apostasy (leaving the faith) by death. The answer in the brain infected in both lobes is, yes and no. As Bill Warner emphasizes, The answer to the question, Is Islam a religion of peace or does it demand death to infidels? The answer is yes to both parts.

m 5: 632 AD Constantinople

m 9:16 Professor Nasr is a shifty shithouse weasel. I have read his works on religion, and they stink with pious arrogance like rotten meat. Note his air of superior detachment, and (later) the phrase he repeats as a mind-control mantra, defiant to reason: “Not being able to know something is no proof that it does not exist.” Savor the mindfuck in this proposition.

m 6 Bedouin – not Muslims. These pathetic brainwashed monkeys are sickening to watch. Humans who do not know who they are.

m 12 “A whole new civilization created”, Nasr claims. No, a fading civilization occupied. What did Muslims create beside mosques and rugs, kohl and hashish pipes? They occupy.

m 12:40 The gesture of hold both hands to the ears for acoustic definition suggests the presence of the AI in both temporal lobes, right and left. Voice to skull capture of human ideation.

Gesture of prayer with forehead to earth: does not signify reverence for the earth or recognition that the mental powers in the head come from the mind of the planet. No, this manner of prayer signifies total SUBMISSION of the earth and humanity to an off-planet alien mind, Allah, the one unseen all-powerful god.

m13:30 “It was this message that gave them an empire — or was it?” He shows that it was not.

m 20:20 The man who buried his daughter alive. The story contains the detail of her brushing sand from his beard. Is this touching? Does it make you forget what he is going? A gesture of tenderness invoked to describe an atrocity. Compare:

Child bride murdered:

The ignorant Bedouin says the Prophet came to put an end to these practices. Does he believe that lie? Yes. Would he support the same action today? Yes, again. Figure it. That double-yes to contradictory statements belies total infection of both temporal lobes resulting in corruption of the discriminating faculties.

m 28 Set their eyes on the Promised Land. Read: on the land about the DEAD SEA, the lowest body of water on earth. A stone’s throw from where Melchizedek gave Abraham the mission of the Chosen People. Those afflicted with the second-stage infection return to the place of its origin. The birthright the emergent Islamic Arabs claim (28:28) is the same as that of the first-stage infection, of the Hebrews.

m 30:05 The Arabs, being of no stated religion and holding no particular doctrines, began to pray on the ruins of the old Jewish temples. Clear enough?

m 34:50 In the Koran the dictating angel tells Mohammed to follow the path tread by Abraham.

HEBRON: Site of the Golstein massacre:

This massacre illustrates how stage-two infection wipes out the remnants of the stage-one infection. Mohammed also personally slaughtered many Jews. WARNING: This documentary may be a propaganda piece. I haven’t watched it.

m 38:50 Foundation myth: Ka’aba established in Mecca by Abraham. Pure fiction. Around the Ka’aba Muslims on the Haj pilgrimage swarm like cockroaches circumambulating a burnt-to-black marshmallow leaking hot sugar like puss.

m 44:30 No agriculture in Mecca. The plot thickens. Where is Baca?

m 48:25 The Dead Sea, above the Vale of Salt

m 51:10 Nasr speaking for the archontic mind: reason is not the ultimate decider of truth. For him, faith in the unseen defines truth, and so it cannot be refuted.

m 53 Holland exaggerates: “The Arabs conquer half the world.” No, they occupy. The archontic tribes are parasitic invaders. See Sweden, Belgium, Germany today.

686 AD: Abdul Malik is the Constantine of Islamic theocracy.

m 58:50 “At last something we can recognize unmistakably as a new religion.” Really? I think not. It is merely theocracy reframed in its most insidious totalitarian form and presented to humanity as a threat: submit or die.

m 59:20 Built on the site of the old Jewish Temple: second-stage infection supplanting the first. “A spectacular beginning.” Of what?

m 100 The SHEKINAH: i.e., the female aspect of Divinity, the Aeon Sophia, repressed and excised from Judaic and Christian religions alike. See Robert Graves and Raphael Patti, The Hebrew Goddess. Note that Holland goes a little gaga at this point.

m 106 Nasr says Westerners cannot give Muslims a dose of corrective medicine. We’ll see about that. The problem for Islam is, few Muslims know the principles they are following and the responsibility falls to the infidels, the kafirs, to set them straight. That is a problem for Nasr because it truly signals the end of Islam. This belief-system appears to be insuperable but in fact it cannot stand up to the most elementary confrontation. No wonder they don’t like to be offended — that is, called on their game.

Nasr is dead wrong: The days when non-Muslims teach them what their religion is starting now. That is the true aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

“Offend Islam!” now has the chance has to become a world-wide movement.

DEALBREAKER: This world situation changes globally as, each day, more and more people talk openly about this one subject, Islam, and challenge the presumption about what Muslims actually believe and intend for non-Muslims. Islam is a test to be applied to everyone, Muslim or not, to reveal whether or not the individual confronted is willing and able to take responsibility for upholding humanity. To see Islam for what it is — the front line of the archontic takeover in human guise — is the dealbreaker. The responsible moral view in the face of this menace is: Every Muslim is the mortal enemy of non-Muslims, unless they renounce the principles of their faith. And maybe even still then. Taqqiya rules. “War is deception” says the shortest of the Hadith.

Finally, The Muslim Agenda 1h:27m: The UN intends to make it a crime to defame or criticize religion, especially Islam. Why so? No reasoning can explain this demand. It is the symptom of human minds succumbing by proxy to the stage-two infection. In other words, anyone who demands that you do not criticize or defame Islam is acting as a proxy of Islam. Clear enough?

Why can’t you hurt the feelings of Muslims? Why can’t you offend their religion? Who introduced this condition? “Mephisto rules.”

What is the harmful impact of “defamation of religion” (Islam and others) on human society, meant to be avoided by the UN resolution to ban and punish such defamation? The harmful impact of defaming religion is the counter-strike against it to preserve freedom and uphold humanity. Upholding humanity is harmful to the atrocity of Islam. There is no compromise or rationalization that can avoid this truth.

Collectively, on the global scale, the showdown starts with Islam. Correction comes true on the global scale with a pushback against Islam. Each and every individual can contribute to this action to uphold humanity against the insane and inhumane tactics of the archons. Recognition of what archons are — regardless of understanding the Gnostic intel – comes in that very particular confrontation.

Islam is the front line where the zombie-like pawns of archontic assault, dressed in slippers, body-bags, and beanies, line up in ranks counting to 1.6 billion. The weapons against Islam are satire, blasphemy, and offense. Every Muslim has to be interrogated about what he or she believes, and may be considered guilty of deceitful murderous intent against humanity, until proven otherwise. Facing the atrocity of Islam is the dealbreaker that shows who is really and truly willing to uphold humanity in face of what threatens it, and who is not.

Analogy of a chess game.

Positive note: The 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz comes with an unanticipated surprise, delivered by Ursula Haverbeck:

The deceit of Islam nests in the Holocaust Lie. Jewish victims and Muslim victims are two faces of the same syndrome. But when the Lie breaks the Islamic demand for special exemption also fails. This happens in Correction. It is happening right now.

jll – Andalucia, January 27, 2015