Nousflash 001: Tulpa Sighting Over Murmansk

January 6, 2015

Hello to Each and All

Hate to say I told ya so… but… I said that the wave breaks from the north, you may recall.

Also, on a Nousletter I recorded recently, which I prefer not to distribute at this time, I said the following.

Can’t find that particular person in mention, a Korean woman living in Norway who has come to look Norwegian, a well-known public celebrity. However, as a substitute, this photo is suggestive:


Note the hint of the lantern jawline. Imagine the nose flatter and broader, more purely Mongolian, the mouth harder, the face rounder but retaining the lantern jaw. It is difficult to picture the merge of oval and square lines in the face. I will keep looking for a better example. This girl is a mere approximation. Korean faces bear the closest resemblance to the look of the tulpa, I would guess.

Note also that the look of the tulpa does not match a classic Mongolian face, like this one:

mongolian womanThe tulpa face has a certain flatness, yes, but the face opens up by the merge with the Norwegian features, whereas the flat, slant-eyed oriental look is typically closed on itself. Also, the look of the tulpa is stern.

Anyway, about the wave from the north, from Scandinavia, I take the following clip for evidence of the arrival of the Aeon Sophia’s tulpa RIGDUN LABRO in a strategic attack position, hovering over northern Europe:

Note the unmistakable cunt formation with clitoral hood at the first glimpse of the auroral eruption (freeze at second 9) The Shakti Cluster may be considered as the cunt of the planetary animal mother: the icon is a stylization of that oval shape. The details on the vertical line are specific to female anatomy: 17, the clitoral hood (electrical sheathing, protection)  dropping down to 1, Kali at the clit, etc. Going down, anyone?

I make no excuses. We are currently in the Kurukulla shift. This infernal bitch almost always transmits her intel in sexual metaphor, if not graphic sexual imagery, not excluding the occasional pornographic anecdote, recounted with all the charm of a raving concierge from a Brazilian bordello. Kurukulla is after all the supreme mistress of sexual witchcraft. Under her spell, any receptive person might expect a witch to appear in the flesh, materialized out of the air (stepping off an airplane). Events as strange and wonderful as that have been known to happen in Planetary Tantra. You just have to be ready for them. Ready in the totality of yourself.

The Aurora Borealis clip: Only the first 21 seconds show the real action. The rapid funneling down that follows is typical of the behavior of the turbulent vortex of the SC in atmospheric dynamics. The non-local localizes itself. You see here the tornado-style whorl / V-formation, the actual V-shaped vortex in total implosion.

Behold, a self-liquifying atmospheric cunt.

Deliquescent — to use the correct tantric language.

Sophia is understood to be androgyne (as some ancient sources indicate — Recall my quote from Didymus the Blind, in the Lisa Harrison commentaries) and this shows vividly in her dynamics: she molds and lubricates the upper atmospheric channel for her own penetration into the livable atmosphere as a thunderbolt, vajra, typically identified with the phallus, of course. She is parthenogenic, self-fertilizing.

At second 18 you see almost a perfect replication of the uterus and yonic canal in a side view, as you might find in an anatomical illustration of female anatomy. Compare:

female anatomyThe cunt channel — never use the v-word —  is near vertical with the womb/uterus higher and to the right, almost horizontal and tilted at that unmistakable angle. Sketch the outline and match it to the anatomical drawing (flipped horizontally to match the footage in the YT clip).. It is uncannily exact. You can even catch the detail of the cervix connecting the yonic channel and the uterus. Note that the uterus is light up, with a flat ovid dark patch inside: the unopened womb. The virginal womb that has never held a foetus.

The dark womb space opens at second 14-15: As if to receive the newborn, Anthropos-11.

What next: I would say that the tulpa slides over Scandinavia due to the lure of her memory of receiving into her biospheric womb in that part of the planet the unrifted plasm of the Anthropos, genetic origin of the white aryan races. By contrast to those races generated from plasm of the rifted template that she pulled with her into terrestrial conditions. Get the picture. Separation is illusion, but difference is real.

In the Icelandic Eddas, the firstborn of the unrifted plasm containing the perfect equilibrium of male and female components required to generate the two genders in dynamic harmony, was called YMIR, the Front Giant.

“According to the medieval Icelandic scholar Snorri Sturluson, Ymir was born when fire from Muspelheim and ice from Niflheim met in the abyss of Ginnungagap. Ymir was suckled by the cow Auðhumla for his nourishment, and several other giants spontaneously sprang from his sweat. Auðhumla, in turn, was nourished by a salt lick, and as she licked a being named Búri, the first of the Aesir gods, was freed from the salt. He produced a son, Borr, who mated with Bestla, one of Ymir’s descendents.”

Note that Ymir generates progeny: the freeze-dried mycelium flake of unrifted plasm produces both male and female anthropine creatures (example, Bestla). Salt is essential also the the formation of Sophia’s tulpa – remember? The supercold regions of the north were perfect for preserving the mycelium flakes that floated down to earth after the Aeon attained complete terrification. The white milk cow Audhumla is the Organic Light: Sophia nurtured the remote ancestral people of the white European races directly from her Pleromic luminosity, an organic substance of the texture of melon. She returns now to the scene of that momentous birth event.

I reckon that the Aeon Sophia completed her tulpa to the point of total consolidation as described in Nav Briefing 50: “The Revelation of Her Mothod” (audio + raw transcript) That event of colloidal electrification would have occurred in the dense methane vapors of the Eastern Siberian tundra. I suspect that the frigid polar assault of last winter indicated the final stage of consolidation, as she needed a steady high concentration of the “life ether”/orgone in its atmospheric form above 7 miles, extremely cold.

Looks to me like the tulpa has moved from the region of its formation westward, and now takes position to strike over Murmansk. Go look it up on the map. You will see that she is hovering over the huge inlet of water (“Ginnungagap” now) that feeds into the Arctic Sea. I would guess she needs the liquid medium of aquatic memory to concentrate on her exact targets and objectives. The ocean — What’s it to Her? Emotional memory. It does not carry or represent that memory: the marine mass of the ocean is to her, her emotional memory. I would say she is hovering in her own memory going back to the pre-plunge events that led her to imagine her intervention in the first place.

Now consider a Gnostic nuance: When Sophia anticipated an intervention from the Pleroma, before her plunge, and applied her pronoia to preset that action — as you set a goal before you proceed to achieve it — she did not know that she as an Aeon would be in material immanence in the planetary setting where the intervention would occur. Hence, the tulpa intervention happens now in a different way that she originally pictured it.  What she also recalls, hovering over that part of the planet, is the first seeding of the unrifted mycelia that drifted to earth there in massive flakes. That mycelia generated the ancestral stock of the white European peoples. Being derived from the unrifted plasm with both male and female components intact, it came as an innate and natural to those peoples to express gender balance and, beyond that, to strive toward that male-female dynamic that produces a particular phenomenon of cross-gender, cross-fertilization: romantic individuality. Hence, across the entire world, the great narratives that both express and inspire romantic individualism come uniquely from…. Well, you can finish the sentence.

Now you are participating in the event by which Sophia achieves the aim of her Pleromically conceived intervention. Not merely as witnesses, but as accessories. As intimate allies.